How long will the job last?

We work on a project by project basis. Typically projects last three to eight months.

Do you get paid if the customer cancels?

In most cases there is a cancellation fee; a portion of the usual payment, but varies by project.

Do you pay for mileage?

Yes, if you qualify, based on what the federal amount for mileage reimbursement and depending on your project.

How will I know what area I’ll be working in?

Your schedule is provided for you and you may have the opportunity to designate the locations you are willing to conduct visits.

Is this a full time job?

As a 1099 contractor, you can choose to work a full time or part time schedule.

Can I vary my schedule?

Yes, it’s all about flexibility.

Who covers my liability insurance?

PPR will cover your malpractice/liability insurance while you are working on one of our projects.

How many visits can I do per day?

In order to provide quality care, we recommend no more than 6-8 in any given day.

Do they make my schedule based on zip code?

Not always. The schedulers will be as efficient as possible and if not by zip code, they will cluster your visits